Lunches Menu

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Freshly Made Lunches

500Ksh Each

Free Delivery in Karen/Hardy

Soft Roll/Spinach Wrap/Salad or Ciabatta Sub

Choice of Filling:-
Grilled Beef fillet with caramelised onions & horseradish
Home Smoked Beef Fillet with cheddar & mustard mayo
Chicken Tikka Breast with cucumber raita
Chicken Pesto Breast with sun-dried tomatoes
Smoked Chicken with sun-dried tomatoes & mozzarella
Italian Sandwich with Italian Salami, cheese, pesto & rocket
Veggie Italian with cheese, halloumi, rocket, sun-dried tomato & pesto

Roast Med Veg with pesto & feta

Add Ons

  • Fruit Salad
  • 500ml Soda
  • Rich Chocolate Brownie

Cornish Pasties

Traditional Cornish Pasty with beef fillet, potatoes, onion & turnip. Comes with either HP, chilli or smoked tomato sauce

Asian Fusion

Lo Mein Noodles Rice noodles with seasonal veg, garlic & ginger. Tossed in sweet chilli sauce & topped with dhania & spring onions. Chicken/Beef/Veg *GF

Crispy Chilli Beef deep-fried strips of Chinese 5-spice covered fillet with Asian veg & steamed rice *GF