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DIY Drop Off Menus

Lime’s DIY Drop Off Menus are designed to be delivered, ready for you to serve to your guests. They’re hassle-free, leaving you with more time to spend hosting and not rushing around the kitchen.

We have a selection of ‘ready to serve’ items or ones that might need assembly, heating or final cooking aswell as some more kid-friendly options.

A new version of our popular At Home Drop Off menu!
This is designed to take the pressure off kids & adults parties alike; making entertaining a casual & intimate approach when ‘the caterers’ are not required.
Choose from – bitings or canapes, platters, shawarma & desserts. Some are ready for you to just serve and some require a little assembly or cooking.

Delicious canapés, Sandwiches, Salads beautifully created.

Juice stations, Champagne Walls, Gin Bars…

 Delivered on returnable platters – includes transport for the food ordered, min 10,000 per order; within Nairobi.

Ready to grill meat and vegetarian dishes, sides, bitings and desserts.

We deliver prepared dishes (some par-cooked) so you can just light up the BBQ and enjoy the grilling.

There’s also an option if you prefer the assistance of Grill Chef and Charcoal BBQ!

Minimum 5 pax

Healthy lunch options available for delivery to your desk Mon-Fri

Sandwiches, salads, Asian fusion and Cornish pasties

We also have a new Salad Menu – 24hr notice required

From 600ksh each

Need a Packed Lunch for your safari or trip? We use eco-friendly packaging & have a great menu

24hrs notice required