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Limes Kitchen Training

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Lime Kitchen Training is specially designed for anyone and everyone who is lacking the necessary kitchen skills to cook good, healthy and hearty food. We are fully licensed and certified by MOH.

We understand that cooking courses can sometimes be daunting; limited by choice and budget constraints. With our wide variety of affordable courses and team of highly qualified chefs, we have set up a fun but safe learning environment that will develop your skills to love cooking!

We have half day, full day, 3 day and 5 day courses for adults, house and camp staff; our new kitchen training space is ideal for learning. With 12 cooking booths and a demonstration area – all fully equipped. At Lime we have a strong emphasis on good, healthy, hearty food. Locally sourced where possible; using the best quality ingredients available. We love what we do.

COURSE BASICS: During each course we will cover some fundamentals for good general kitchen practices, including:

  • Kitchen Hygiene – food safety & storage
  • Basic Nutrition, how to read labels & recipes
  • Waste – how to re-use leftovers, reduce waste, cut costs & portion control
  • Food presentation & garnishes

5 Day Beginner | Intermediate 

Sept 4th – 8th | Oct 2nd – 6th | Nov 6th – 10th

5 Day Teenagers Essential Cooking TBC

4 Day Follow-on Advanced Cooking 20th – 23rd Nov ’23

5 Day Beginner & Intermediate Course
From 8am – 1pm, Mon to Fri
Monthly, we host a practical course covering basic kitchen hygiene, knife skills, meal planning & making 3 meals a day for a family.
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Cost 22,500ksh per person.
3 Day Cooking for Families
From 9am – 2pm, 
An ideal course for Nannies, House managers & Ayahs  working for families with kids, especially those with previous cooking experience. We cover how to make wholesome, healthy meals for busy families, focusing on nutritionally balanced meal planning, wholesome snacks and meals for the whole family to enjoy. We will cover basic nutrition, kitchen hygiene, weekly meal planning, utilising store-cupboard staples and leftovers as well as family favourite dishes. 
Includes Level 1 kitchen hygiene (City & Guilds UK & EU accredited) included in the class
Cost 15,000ksh per person.
4 Day Advanced
20th – 23rd Nov, 9am – 4pm 
Follow-up from 5 day beginner/ intermediate Class
Recap hygiene & knife skills
Learn advanced main courses, focusing on presentation
Explore lamination pastry, emulsification of sauces, fresh pasta, and the hero that is vanilla 
Includes Level 1 UK accredited Hygiene certificate
24,000 per person
10% discount on group bookings
Food Safety & Hygiene Certificate, Level 1
(UK & EU recognised & certified course)
Level 1 is essential for anyone who is a beginner in an environment where food may be prepared or stored including waiters, pot-wash, bar staff, cold-chain, shop assistants.
This practical course, includes exam and certificate
3,000ksh pp
(10% discount when booking for 2 or more). 
Food Safety & Hygiene Certificate, Level 2
(UK & EU recognised & certified course)
Level 2  is designed for anyone who works with, or handles food and wants to meet the International food training requirements (including household or restaurant staff).
This practical course, includes exam and certificate
6,000ksh pp
(10% discount when booking for 2 or more)
Kitchen Confidence
9am – 2pm. 
Join us for a day’s cooking class learning some kitchen staples.
You’ll learn to master a few basic dishes that are easy to prepare, easy to adjust or utilise and are healthy, using regular store or fridge ingredients
Learn how to balance flavours and feel confident to cook for family & friends
We’ll finish with a late lunch a well deserved glass of wine or beer
5,500ksh per person
Lebanese Cooking Class 
From 4-7.30pm
With guest professional chef we will cover the basics of traditional Lebanese food & cookery techniques and popular recipes for Mezze.
5,000ksh pp Class & Mezze Dinner
6,000ksh pp Class, Dinner & Wine
(10% discount when booking for 2 or more)
Gift Voucher Available

BBQ 101
8am – 4pm. 

So you think you can Braai/ Barbeque/ Choma?

Come and brush up your skills; learning tricks of the trade like brining, smoking, marinading & lighting that charcoal properly (no cheating on gas!)
The perfect gift for the man in your life who thinks he KNOWS
9,000ksh pp includes lunch, beer and  a heap of nyama!
Gift Voucher Available
Pasta Class
6PM – 9PM
Master the art of pasta, followed by a delicious meal of what you’ve prepared.
We will cover basic and flavoured pasta dishes, various sauces and seafood and vegetarian fillings.
4,200kes per person – Class & Dinner
8,200kes per couple – Class, Dinner & Glass of Wine
Seafood Masterclass
TBC 9.30am – Lunch
Our specialist seafood chef will teach you about popular wonderful fruits of the Indian ocean and how to prepare, cook & serve them. Includes lunch & refreshments.
5,800ksh pp includes class & seafood lunch
6,800ksh pp includes class, seafood lunch & paired wines
(10% discount when booking for 2 or more)
Gift Voucher Available
2pm – 6pm
With a guest chef we will cover the basics of traditional Thai cookery techniques and popular recipes. Includes lunch & refreshments.
5,000ksh pp Class & Thai Lunch 
(10% discount when booking for 2 or more)
Gift Voucher Available

Kids Cooking Parties:

Why not do something different, something exciting, something that will last a lifetime? Learn how to cook!
We can host upto 10 kids (over 6yrs) in a safe but fun learning environment.
  • Cakes, cookies, cupcakes, muffins
  • Tarts, pies, pizza
  • Pasta & sauces
Learn safe knife skills and kitchen tips
Exciting, healthy recipes – check it out here
Take home what you make, an apron & certificate
Prices from kes2,500 per child for a 2hr session for group bookings.

Feedback on 5 Day & 3 Day cooking courses:

Jodie, July 2022: – Hi Lulu, I just wanted to say Mary is having a wonderful time. Her face is so lit up with excitement. The quiche was delicious. She was so proud and wanted me to try

Jemma 2020: – “She loved every minute of it and she has really grown in confidence, even in herself which is brilliant as she is very clever but very shy. She made good friends and said she changed numbers with them! ….. now Jemma you can just ask me to do anything and I can do it! She absorbed pretty much all of it from the hygiene to the knife skills, Garvey, Yorkies as she called them! To the baking, pizzas and sticky sauces! “

The training was very inspiring. I did receive a handful of skills from you guys.”

I keep meaning to write to you with a huge thank you. Stan absolutely loved the course, came home with a massive smile every day. So far he’s made us quiche and done a roast chicken dinner with yorkies. I am so impressed.  he’s very keen to keep going… we made cinnamon raisin bread today too.”